West of Scotland Regional Equality Council (WSREC) will be working with minority ethnic communities in Glasgow, North Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire to highlight climate change and how to effectively reduce carbon emission. In the coming year, ‘Cook, Grow, Sew and Change’ will deliver various activities and encourage minority ethnic communities to adopt a low carbon lifestyle through measures such as, energy efficiency, low carbon food, zero waste textiles, growing food in urban spaces and eco driving. The project’s vision is to:

  • Embed awareness of climate change within minority ethnic groups, and capacity build the groups to take ownership.

  • Support communities to take action through developing and cascading the knowledge of  carbon reduction activities.

  • Support communities in lowering carbon emissions, adopt long term behaviour change , and have a legacy of sustainable lifestyles.

Main Aims of Projects

  • Introducing effective carbon reduction methods, through active participation, peer to peer learning, direct/group support and continuous encouragement of tried and tested methods.

  • CO2 e reduction – 113.33 tonnes by means of innovative and bespoke activities.

  • Capacity build individuals, minority ethnic groups/organisations in creating opportunities and green spaces to develop own activities.

  • Commitment to change behaviour by taking the lower carbon route.

Target Communities

Focused in Glasgow, launching services in North Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire. Active engagement will be aimed at not previously engaged minority ethnic communities across all ages. Over 12 months, Cook Grow Sew and Change will provide equal opportunities through community integration, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, whilst taking positive steps to reduce carbon emissions, leaving a legacy of long term behaviour change.


  • Embed climate change awareness within minority ethnic groups through capacity building.

  • Communities take ownership and action through design and delivery of carbon reduction activities.

  • Significant reduction in carbon emissions, long term behaviour change and supporting a lasting legacy

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Project Staff

Dilraj Watson
Dilraj WatsonProject Co-ordinator
Maymoona Awan
Maymoona AwanActivities & Engagement Officer
Ian Gallagher
Ian GallagherProject Environmental Activities
Faisal Mohammed
Faisal MohammedOutreach and Activities Assistant
Bininder Kaur Nat
Bininder Kaur NatProject Support Worker
Maryanna Law
Maryanna LawProject Support Worker
Edith Ogen
Edith OgenProject Support Worker
Angela Aranghelovici
Angela ArangheloviciProject Support Worker
Shabana Ali
Shabana AliProject Support Worker
Ghazala Ansar
Ghazala AnsarProject Support Worker

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Sharon Schlesinger
Sharon Schlesinger